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Children Taekwondo Program in Wayne

Absolute TaeKwonDo children’s program focuses on children, ages 6-13. This program introduces TaeKwonDo as a true martial art. The design of the program is geared to complement this developmental age. The goal of Absolute Children is to develop young leaders and strong-minded individuals ready for the 21st century. The students develop a balance of skills to include kicking, punching, and self-defense.

Students will learn how to defend themselves in dangerous situations as well as defending themselves with bullies. Bullies tend to pick on quiet, weak, or shy children. Absolute Children develop a strong self-image and self-assuredness inside. This affects the way they walk, talk and hold themselves without bragging about it. Bullies tend to shy away from children like this. Absolute children learn specific ways to avoid confrontation.

Listening, respect, courtesy, and self-control are emphasized. Absolute children learn to take responsibility for themselves at home, at school, and in other social environments while having fun.

2 Weeks For $19.99 With FREE Uniform